A Life Well Lived. Memorial Planned For Mark Felber.

I am deeply saddened about this. Mark spoke for NMCA twice, was a colleague, and I had last spoken with him a few months ago.

Mark FelberMark Felber always read name tags. In restaurants, department stores and doctor’s offices. Once he knew someone’s name, he made a point of saying it often and lavishing the person with praise for good service, thoughtfulness or extra care.

At restaurants he liked to ask the server to call their manager to the table. Every time a look of alarm would strike as the server braced for a seething complaint, only to be swathed in admiration. A big raise, he often suggested, was definitely in order.

After living with lung cancer for more than a year, Mark died peacefully Wednesday, July 26 at the T. Boone Pickens Hospice and Palliative Care Center.

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