URGENT News That Affects Texas LPCs

The licensing board for professional counselors in Texas will soon vote on a new rule that will prevent thousands of Texans, especially the sick, disabled, geographically remote, and those with serious mental health disorders such as agoraphobia (fear of public spaces), from receiving needed mental health services for years to come. The new rule would prevent counselors from providing online services unless the client first travels to the office to initiate treatment in-person. The proposed new rule reverses current policy which allows an individual to access mental health care with the counselor of their choice, even if they suffer from a condition preventing face-to-face meetings. The reality is that thousands of individuals needing mental health treatment would be prevented from accessing services if they must first meet this hurdle. This change would undermine both equality and access to mental health care for Texans.

This proposed change to the board rule for Texas counselors is not supported by research: many sound scientific studies have concluded online mental health treatment is equally effective as in-person treatment, and in some cases even more effective. The Texas public will be ill-served by restricting access to online mental health services in this way.

The public comment period for objecting to the proposed change ends on August 12th, just 5 days from now. Urgent action is required….

Please take just 2 minutes out of your day to sign the petition here: http://tinyurl.com/texaslpc
I wouldn’t ask you unless it was really important. Thousands of clients and YOUR career could be affected to devastating results by this change. Please act now and sign this petition through Change.org

Again, the link is:

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