“Trauma Recovery Group”

A while back I sent out an interest/ input request about having a Trauma group and I am excited to share that I now have the group started. We meet every Monday from 7-9 in the evenings. I do have some requirements for entering the group and other important info.:

* All members must have an individual therapist to be in group
* I request a release to consult with therapist for continuity of care
* Facilitators will not accept group members as a client for individual therapy if they are
not their client before entering into the group.
* Interested individuals must be interviewed before entering (no fee for interview)
* Members agree to a detailed outline of expectations and group structure including but
not limited to confidentiality, relationships among group members, commitment to
individual and group growth.
* Membership is a monthly commitment and membership dues are collected in monthly
increments. (Important that attendance is consistent)
* The group is open to both men and women (18 and over) and is not limited to just abuse
but all trauma.
Please contact me if you would like to know more information. 903-624-8191 or [email protected]. Talk to you soon.
CaryScott LPC Intern .·New Directions Counseling & Education Center

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