Update from TCA President

Dear Chapter President:

I hope this note finds you well and ready for the Spring season! The TCA Board met in late February for its mid-year board meeting and three year Strategic Planning retreat. Although I am certain that you will receive a report from your Region Director, I am taking the liberty of sending you a brief update on Board actions, the new Strategic Plan and new procedures for working with the TCA Office.

Please share this information with the leadership of your chapter. We also ask that requests for support from the TCA office come from you, as the Chapter President and be sent directly to [email protected]. Jan is in the best position to allocate staff resources to ensure a timely response to all chapter needs. It is also very helpful to include me and your Region Director on your communications to the office. This helps to keep everyone informed of division initiatives and office priorities.

Chapter Support

• Summer Leadership Training Institute: I am very pleased to announce that SLTI will begin at noon on Friday, June 25 and end at noon on Sunday, June 27. We will be meeting at the Solana Marriot in Westlake, Texas, just outside of Fort Worth. This lovely property provides free airport shuttles from DFW Airport as well as free self-parking. TCA will fund the expenses for individuals who hold the following positions as of July 1, 2010: Chapter President and Chapter Senator. In addition, the expenses for your current Senator will be covered by TCA to participate in the entire SLTI, as well as the TCA Senate meeting. We also encourage each Chapter to cover the cost of attendance for your Chapter Treasurer and Emerging Leaders. If you have any questions, contact [email protected].

• Membership Opportunities: Please remember that TCA is happy to share a list of the TCA members who live in your chapter. You can use this information to recruit new members and new leaders! Contact [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] if you would like to obtain this list.

• Chapter Elections: If you haven’t already initiated your chapter elections, I recommend you to do so quickly. Region II and Region V will be electing new Directors to the TCA Board. Please encourage your chapters members (who also belong to TCA) to participate in the selection of those who will represent the interests of your chapter on the TCA Board of Directors. TCA and Division elections will begin on April 1st and end of May 1st. You may want to align your election to these dates so that your newly elected leadership will have time to plan to attend SLTI.

• CEU Applications Online: To make it easier to apply for and review applications to use the TCA Continuing Education Provider Numbers, the application is now available online at www.txca.org/ceu. Please apply online, rather than by fax to expedite review of your programs. Please remember to submit those applications at least 30 days before the date of the program.

• Chapter Survey on Corporate Structure: The IRS has been modifying the rules for reporting of income. TCA will be conducting a survey of each chapter over the next few weeks. This is the first step in determining which chapters are incorporated, which are not, and how TCA can support its chapters to ensure that all are complying with the new reporting requirements. If you have not incorporated, we ask that you take no action at this time to incorporate. TCA will be proposing an organizational structure, with guidance from our attorney and tax accountant, to ensure that our chapters and TCA are protected and well served. Please reply to the survey when you receive it as quickly and as completely as possible.

February Board Meeting Update

In a very efficient (two hour) meeting on February 27, 2010, the TCA Board took action on a couple of key items listed below:

• On the recommendation of the Educational Endowment Fund Committee, the EEF grant application process will be changed to limit applicants to apply once every two years.
• The School Counselors’ Issues, Advocacy and Public Policy Committee has been asked to research the Coordinated School Health Program and bring a position statement to the November 2010 Board meeting regarding the role of professional school counselors in this program.
• Monthly financial reports to the divisions will now include the total number of division members. The reports will continue to include a list of new/renewing members and expired members. (Each division is encouraged to welcome both the new/renewing members each month and to contact the expired members to encourage them to renew.)
• The TCA Treasurer will work with the Finance Committee to determine the financial impact of adding an additional meeting of the TCA Board in October every three years to conduct the Strategic Planning Retreat.
• The Sabine-Neches Counseling Association, a TCA Chapter, has changed its name to the Southeast Texas Counseling Association.
• TAAC Texas Association for Assessment in Counseling has changed its name to TAACE Texas Association for Assessment in Counseling and Education.

Strategic Planning

The TCA Board also spent 1-3/4 days in February working very hard to review the current Strategic Plan and develop a new plan for the next three years (July 2010 – June 2013). Working under the outstanding facilitator, Lynda Baker, the TCA Board had those challenging, deliberate and thought-provoking conversations that guide our organization to continued success! The full Board will receive the Strategic Planning Report at the end of March. The final proposed Strategic Plan will be presented to the Senate at its meeting in June. Although our mission is likely to remain the same, the Board is recommending that we update our values and adjust our Strategic Directions as follows:

• Values: Respect, Professionalism, Advocacy, Unity of Purpose, Accountability, Effective Communication
• Strategic Directions:
o Expanding Leadership Opportunities
o Optimizing Resources
o Collaborating to Strengthen the Association

Lynda Baker will be joining us at the Summer Leadership Training Institute to provide assistance to help our chapters and divisions develop strategic plans that will help you to identify and achieve your goals, as well as to align with the TCA Strategic Plan. It will be a great opportunity. I hope your chapter will be well represented!

Thank you very much for your service to your chapter, to TCA and to the counseling profession. It is only through our collective efforts that we are able to achieve so much! Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you would like more information.

Judy Nelson
TCA President, 2009-2010


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