John Shirley’s Poem

The Counselor Is In

They say the counselor is the heart of a school
and most school counselors I know are really cool
with that description of the role they play
in support of their students and school each day.

Two traits which are common to all counselors
are a zeal and passion for helping others,
accompanied by an intense love for what they do –
as they work to help every child’s dreams come true.

The average day (and there is no such thing)
of most counselors is very likely to bring
a myriad of unanticipated things to do
and difficulty doing what’s scheduled, too.

Counselors are professionals with a Master’s degree
and experience and skills that just might be
considered extraordinary by any measure we use
and essential for helping others deal with life issues.

“Counselors care” is a description that is true,
this is not to say that other staff don’t, too
but Counselors care in that very special way
by listening for the meaning behind what others say.

Counselors care by helping students solve problems
and make choices that result in different outcomes.
They work to see that belief in oneself is instilled
so that dreams and potential might be fulfilled.

Counselors wear many different hats you see –
the hat of a coach, teacher, consultant to name three.
Sometimes a first responder’s, or even a wizard’s hat
and many others such as that of an advocate.

When a crisis comes along the counselor is called upon
to help meet the needs that the crisis might spawn.
When others aren’t, counselors are always there
ready to help and serve, just because they care.

There is much joy and fulfillment in counseling,
such as seeing what a breakthrough can bring.
Counselors are among the gifts that keep on giving
to help others succeed in the life they are living.

Yes, my friend – the counselor is always in!
John Shirley January 6, 2012

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