I AM HERE Meeting Highlights

Dear Friends,

The Grant Halliburton Foundation has formed a coalition of professional Mental Health groups and individuals, parents and other stake holders. The group is named I AM HERE ( the H is for Help, the E for education, the R for resources, and the last E is for Encouragement. The groups are working on a number of initiatives to actively address the problems of youth depression and suicide in the DFW area. We meet about 8 times a year for a couple of hours to review our progress, discuss and plan for issues and needs, and review our progress on the four different teams – Help, Education, Resources, and Encouragement.

Our goal is to better communicate the issues of youth depression and suicide; provide current and quality information and resources; and build a resource data base and make it available on our website, HERE FOR YOU. (See the attached fact sheet on the Coalition for detailed descriptionThe website will be designed in such a way as to serve youth, parents, mental and medical health professionals, and other stake holders in the North Texas area. I am one of the facilitators for the Resources Team and would love to have your participation in this worthwhile endeavor.

If you have an interest in any of the four areas or expertise to offer, we would appreciate your assistance. You can join us and work on any of the teams, by coming to our meetings or participating in other ways. We need individuals who can review articles that have been written for the website and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. We also need the names of professional reviewers who might be willing to donate some of their time to help us finalize the content for the website. You don’t have to attend our meetings in order to provide assistance and be involved in the work of the coalition. If you would be willing to donate some of your time to this effort, in whatever way you can, please respond to this email or contact Vanita Halliburton or Diana Weaver (their email addresses are included in the address box above).

I would consider it a personal favor to me if you could respond to my invitation to help in some capacity. I know each of you personally, your level of expertise and capabilities, dedication to the cause of youth depression and suicide prevention, and your passion for helping others.

Please consider helping out by whatever means you can by helping I AM HERE achieve our goals for teens and young adults in our area of the world.

Thanks for your time and consideration!


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