Notes from the Senator

Great news from the recent senate meeting:
• ACA approved TCA’s by-laws. They will be used as a guideline for other state’s by-law reviews. NMCA by-laws are structured after the TCA version.
• Financially, TCA is sound and has had a successful audit. Our own finances are also in a good situation.
• There are 6,150 TCA members as of 10/31/10. The goal is to have 6,800 members by next November. Are you a TCA member? Check out the benefits of membership at their website.
• TCA was invited to speak to the State Appropriations Committee regarding school counselors’ role in helping students obtain financial aid. More agencies and school boards are asking TCA to speak on the need and legalities of having school counselors. TCA has also been advocating for private practioners and what services they are allowed to provide.
• TCA is currently working on the ability to host web-inars. They filmed at both the College Counseling conference and the recent Professional Growth conference.

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