Choices Seminar

I recently attended a 3-part growth seminar entitled Choices. It is not a counseling seminar but rather a self-help experience that imparts new tools for living life. I am writing about it in this newsletter because it is held locally in the DFW area and some of your clients or colleagues may have attended or may benefit. Here is an excerpt from their press release for a little more information:

Dallas, Texas May, 2010 – Twenty-seven years and this great-grandmother is still working hard to Change the World One Heart at a Time in the Dallas, Texas area. Thelma Box, the founder of Choices Seminars (, and her family facilitate life skills workshop which teach people to be accountable for their lives and to use simple tools to get more of what they want out of life.

According to Ms. Box; “Choices is a non-stop, interactive, life changing experience that will challenge, inform, teach and motivate everyone. We create a safe place to take an honest look at the person in the mirror. We meet people where they are. Whether you feel great about who you are right now, or if life is a struggle, Choices gives you tools to live a life of fulfillment, joy and passion.”

When asked what motivated her to enter this field of work she responded; “After 30-years in the business world, I often wondered why employees and friends practiced behaviors that were self-defeating, I wanted to help people do less of what did not work for them and more of what did.” What started, as a simple workshop in the early 80’s is now an international business. She conducts programs in three cities Vancouver, Calgary and Dallas at least 25 times a year.

By: Dawn Webb

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